Business Intelligence is a fascinating domain to work in. As a BI consultant you get to know the core of a company’s business. You get to work with lots of data and often complex data flows. And, if all goes well, you will witness magic: new information emerges that before was hidden in the numbers and data of the operational systems.

Business Intelligence is currently getting a lot of attention. That is good and bad. The good thing is that technology advances with giant leaps. The bad thing is that marketing departments will add even more acronyms and terms to the jargon. Should you wonder: yes, this site is also about Corporate Performance and Corporate Performance Management. Those are the new buzzwords. As long as the technology behind them remains the same I consider CPM and BI as synonyms.

Goals of This Site

  • The information should be unique, either in the way it is presented or because of its contents.
  • Posts should be clear and free from marketing buzz.
  • Posts will focus on technical aspects of BI.

About Me

I have been working as a computer consultant for +15 years of which the last 5 in the area of Business Intelligence. Looking back the learning curve was at times pretty steep. And because it was not that long ago, I still have a feeling for exactly where things tend to get fuzzy. I have learned a lot from discussion groups on Usenet, forums, technical posts and blogs. It is about time I give something back!